Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? I’ve often used this expression to describe my mental state during emotionally challenging times. Little did I realise the profound truth behind this saying until recently, through my yoga practice.

Awareness takes years to build
Despite practicing yoga for the past decade, it wasn’t until recently that I became deeply aware of the shoulder and upper back area of my body. This newfound awareness has allowed me to sense subtle sensations and tingling in that once seemingly inaccessible part. Along with this heightened awareness came the realisation of the heaviness and tightness in my upper back. It truly felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders! As I incorporated this awareness into my daily yoga routine, holding asanas and breathing through this area, I gradually began to release the tightness. I could feel my spine straightening and my shoulders lightening.

Physical awareness was accompanied by awareness of new aspects of behaviour and feelings
This physical transformation in my upper back had a ripple effect on my mental well-being. I have started observing new aspects of my behaviour. It is as if my upper back was a reservoir of my anger, and one by one I am able to let go some old patterns of judgment and reactions. I now experience a lightness of mind like never before and this newfound awareness has allowed me to respond to my children and family with greater love, presence and patience.

Yoga is a beacon of awareness
I share this personal journey to emphasize the transformative magic of yoga. Yoga is a beacon of awareness, akin to holding a torch in a dark room filled with family secrets. As the light falls on the old memories, you gain the true understanding of where you came from and who you are. Returning to life with newfound peace and clarity, you shed the baggage of the past. 

I encourage you to dedicate yourself to your yoga practice, granting yourself the invaluable gift of awareness. The only thing required is to show up on the mat as often as you can.


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