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The Radio Eka Podcast explores the science, history and philosophy of yoga; and discusses the benefits of yoga for physical, mental and emotional health.
We will delve into the various yogic practices – asanas, pranayama or breathing exercises, and meditations – and understand their effects on the physical body, the nervous system, and the mind.
You will hear from seasoned yogis and wellbeing experts from all over the world, and together we will seek to understand the true essence of yoga. This podcast is brought to you by Eka, a yoga and meditation app from India.

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In this series, we seek to understand the science of exercise and what is it that yoga asana does well, and what is it that it doesn’t. Is yoga enough as your only form of exercise? Or not? Join us in exploring this question in an in-depth way! 

Is Yoga Enough?
| Ep 1

How to build muscular strength?
| Ep 2
Chapter – COVID Wellbeing

In the COVID wellbeing series we speak to experts and bring you the scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom behind the various yogic practices and ideas that can help manage the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the COVID situation.

Understanding Immunity and How Yoga Helps | Ep 1
Pranayama for COVID Recovery |
Ep 2
Mental Health – A Psychiatrist’s 
Perspective | Ep 3
Dealing with Fear and Anxiety | Ep 4

Learnings from the Bhagavad Gita | Ep 5
Healing from Trauma and Grief | Ep 6
Chapter – The Origins of Yoga

“The Origins of Yoga” is written and narrated by Swami Hamsa Jnanananda Saraswati. In this episode, she discusses the reasons why anyone with an interest in yoga will benefit from understanding the ancient roots of this practice. Her website is  https://www.tantricaashramtrust.org/Swami Hamsa Jnanananda Saraswati  is a genuine mystic yogini. Trained with a Himalayan tradition, in the mountains and forests of Lithuania, she is the humble custodian of a sacred feminine tradition that teaches women how to bring around illumination, regeneration and youth. With the detachment of a genuine acetic, she is able not only to bestow ancient knowledge but can also help guide others with the insight that comes from this unique vantage point. “Every moment with her is an opportunity for enlightenment.” Martin Faulks.

The Origins of Yoga | Introduction
The Vedic Period and Non-violence | Ep 1
Upanishad and the Ego | Ep 2
Samkhya and Classical Yoga | Ep 3
Jainism and Buddhism | Ep 4
Arrival of Bhakti Yoga | Ep 5
The Rise and Fall of Tantra | Ep 6
The Essence of Yoga | Conclusion