“I have come out of anxiety, breathlessness and fear like symptoms. I am feeling better now.”

-Murali Kulkarni, a happy student

Is your anxiety preventing you from living a normal life?

🙏 Namaste,

Anxiety and constant worry limit our functioning in so many unthinkable ways.

Anxiety spills over our life and affects

– our productivity at work

– our relationships

– body health and energy levels

– inner peace and confidence

– food habits

If you can fix your mind, you can fix your life.

Start today by assessing what you need.

Do you need medication, motivation, movement or meditation?

We will enable you to make the changes you need.

INR 499 for a one hour heart to heart conversation with a mental health counsellor

Our Approach

Movement Meditation

Step by step program

  • Step 1: Book a screening call and assess your needs
  • Step 2: Opt in for the plan that you need

Self- Motivated plan

– We give you a plan and you follow it

Daily Motivation Plan

– We give you a plan and check-in with you daily

Weekly Motivation Plan

We give you a plan and check-in with you weekly

Designed to relax you more.

Learn simple methods and techniques to manage anxiety.

Easy yet effective practices to welcome more peace in your everyday life.

De-stress your life with short & simple techniques.

Learn proven yogic techniques to de-stress yourself wherever you are.

Fall asleep easily everyday.

Get better sleep with abdominal breathing and Yoga Nidra to relax your body and mind.

Manage issues without getting overwhelmed by it.

Tips of self-assurance learned in this course reduces effects of overwhelming feelings.

Eka Premium is ₹108/month (billed annually).

Our approach

A yogic approach for a calm mind. 

Yogic practices like Asana, meditation and pranayama are proven ways to help you manage your anxiety and overcome the fear and constant chatter in your mind.

But very often when we try to meditate – we are not able to. We lack motivation, drive, and sometimes we really need medical help too.

Our program helps you to address all these problems.

Anxiety control is a long process. However, You will see how easy it is to take a few small steps to make your life so easier and calmer.

This program gives you effective yet easy to apply time-tested yogic techniques, which you can do in 15 min everyday and helps you cope with your stress better with each session.

  • Relax, rest, quieten the mind & know how to de-stress yourself.
  • Release the stored tensions from the body and negativity from the mind. Let them Surface.
  • Fill the created space with positivity and intention.

What our students have to say

4.1 Stars

Average rating

Our People 

Meghna Verma


Sudeepta Shanbhag

Lead trainer in TTC programs with over 900 hours of training

Priyanka Jain

Founder of Eka, Yoga TTC practitioner

Eka premium features to make your journey easier.

Instant access to all the classes.

No restrictive start date. Start at your own time. Finish at your own pace.

Download and watch offline

No internet? No issue. Download the session on the app and use it without network.

Get more than a program.

After every milestone, receive helpful guides and practices for you.

Reach out to course teachers.

Have questions? Chat with our teachers to get help.

No prior experience required

This program requires no experience at all with Yoga or meditation. We will start from the start.

Step by step progression

No second guessing to figure out “what next?”. Extremely simple progression.