• Starts 5th July 2021

20 min daily Meditation for people who can’t make it a habit.

If you have tried repeatedly to build a meditation practice by yourself or with an app and it hasn’t been working, then this program is for you! 

Build unbreakable meditation practice with

  • 20 min Live class mentored by a teacher.
  • Q&A sessions for all your questions.
  • Scheduled timing to build a disciplined practice.
  • Homework and self-practice for better training.
  • English and हिंदी language batches
₹749 per month after trial

₹2100 (Original price)

The classes will include practice for the body, breathwork technique and concentration building practice.

Mostly the practices will stay within these categories. But occasionally, You will also be introduced to various forms of yogic meditation (natural breath meditations, yoga Nidra, creative visualization etc.) and breathwork (3 part breathing, Bhramari etc.) through the course.

What’s in every session?

Where: Zoom live classes

Duration: 20 mins

+10 mins (Optional for Q&A)

6:30 AM with Swami Yogaratna Saraswati – English

11:30 AM with Sudeepta Shanbhag – English

5:30 PM with Kamal – हिंदी

6:00 PM with Sudeepta Shanbhag – English

₹749 per month after trial

₹2100 (Original price)

Why live daily Meditation?

We have talked and worked with a lot of beginner meditation students. And almost all of them have the same problem starting.

The same answer that it is difficult to start meditating as beginners. And it seems obvious to give up while not seeing immediate results.

Even guided meditation with the help of apps doesn’t seem to work because they find it hard to make consistent time or empty their mind (which, by the way, is not the expectation in the beginning at all).

So what do we do if we don’t see a point in meditating?

Try this…

Sudeepta, our master teacher, has decided to help out meditation beginners. Starting 1st of July she is leading sessions with beginner meditators.

In this class, she helps you build a consistent practice with accountability. Where you learn

  • to find the reason and regular motivation to start meditation.
  • Easy to follow techniques involving the body, breath and mind.
  • to manage your initial expectations of meditation.
  • to sit for a long time comfortably.

Designed to make meditation a habit.

Not recorded. Live class mentored by a teacher.

These sessions are not recordings. All the classes are live will the led by a teacher for a personal mentoring experience.

QnA sessions for all your questions

There is a lot of confusion and myths about meditations. We will talk about it here to give you clarity about your practice in every session.

Scheduled timing to build a disciplined practice

Same place and time help build a consistent practice. Our classes are scheduled in slots to keep all of us accountable for time.

Homework and self-practice for better training

On the days where there are no classes, you will be given tasks to self-practice to keep you consistent.

₹749 per month after trial

₹2100 (Original price)

What our students have to say

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Meet your teachers


With over 34 years of experience in practicing and teaching yoga from the tradition of Bihar School of Yoga (BSY), Swami Yogaratna Saraswati is a beacon of light for those on the path of meditation.

She is known around the world for her talent in leading Yoga Nidra and other Meditations from the tantras, yoga therapy, yoga for children, the higher techniques of Chakra Sadhana, Kundalini yoga and many others, including satsangs (talks) and kirtans (group singing).

Her ashram in Gokarna called Born in Paris of Australian parents and raised in India, Swamiji studied art, education, and linguistics in India and Australia.

After studying, working, and travelling, she committed her life to spiritual quest.

Shankar Prasad Foundation is the representation of her true spirit. With regular yoga and meditation classes open to anyone, an organic rice farm, an English medium primary school, 100% environmentally sustainable practices, and community projects across Gokarna such as dog sterilization, reforestation, and waste management – the ashram is an inspiring place to imbibe the true spirit of yoga.


Sudeepta is an ERYT 500 who started practising yoga in her early teens and has studied with teachers in India and the US specialised in different traditions.

She is a lead trainer in Yoga teacher training programs and teaches asana, pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Her 900+ hrs of training include a Yoga Nidra 200hr training, Level 1 and 2 training in Special needs, Yin, Vinyasa and many more.

Her interest lies in making yoga accessible to everyone and teaches children and adults with special needs like cerebral palsy, autism (motor skills, balance, changing behaviour patterns) and kids with cancer (pain relief, emotional resilience). She is a mother to energetic twin boys who help her appreciate the practice of sitting in stillness.


Our HINDI Teacher, Kamal Maliramani is the founder of Energizer yoga and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. He began his journey looking to start meditation and was encouraged to begin with asana to establish stillness in the physical body. He studied in the traditions of Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and later in acro yoga. Along with Hatha yogasanas, he conducts regular courses and workshops on Yoga Sutras to help people connect with the philosophy and take yoga beyond the mat into their daily lives. His mantra is add life to living – “People are living, but there’s no life, with Yoga we bring life to living” he says.

Frequently asked questions

When does the class start?

The classes begins 5th of July 2021. The batches are every Monday to Friday

6:30 AM with Swami Yogaratna Saraswati – English

11:30 AM with Sudeepta Shanbhag – English

5:30 PM with Kamal – हिंदी

6:00 PM with Sudeepta Shanbhag – English

I am a beginner. Can I join?


We built this course for beginners who want to start meditation and also people who have tried meditating on their own but couldn’t meditate.

These time slots don’t suit me. Do you have any other time slots?

We are trying to add new slots. If we have enough people for the requested slot we will be happy to open that slot for you. Please mail us your slot requirements at eka@ekameditation.com

₹749 per month after trial

₹2100 (Original price)